About Me

Hi! I’m Julie, and this is my corner of the Internet.

I’m a 30something geek living in the Arizona desert with my Sainted Husband and toddler son (Little Dude), two cats, a dog, and two monster goldfish.

Things I like:

  • Video games, particularly RPGs, MMOs, puzzles, and adventure games
  • Fantasy novels, especially YA (as of late)
  • Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, and quilting
  • Riding my road bike
  • Pictures of adorably small fuzzy creatures
  • Dumb jokes and puns
  • Doing fancy things in MS Excel
  • Bullet lists

Random things to know about me:

  • I’m a professional data nerd with a graduate degree in sociology. While I don’t consider myself a math geek, I do enjoy backing up observations with hard data.
  • I have bipolar and a touch of OCD, which are well managed thanks to the magic of modern pharmaceuticals
  • I’ve had bariatric surgery (VSG) and am very active in support groups
  • I’m a “live and let live” atheist and skeptic
  • I’ve been described as “culturally midwestern” and “Iowa nice,” as my family has serious roots there

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