In Memory of Lloyd

We said goodbye to our dog Lloyd yesterday, after 6 years full of doggy love. He’d been having seizures for a while, and while this wasn’t unexpected, it still felt rather sudden.

We adopted Lloyd from the Humane Society after our pomeranian passed away and our shepherd mix, Sammy, was lonely. We’d always wanted a corgi, and were amazed to find a litter of short-legged puppies that hadn’t been listed on Petfinder yet. Best surprise ever!

Lloyd was kind of a weenie. He was afraid of my dad and FIL, thunderstorms, and the doorbell. But he tried SO hard to be big and brave, despite his short stature! I was really proud of him for confronting his fears.

I was also proud of his one-track mind. If you had a tennis ball anywhere within sight, he wanted to play fetch with it! He could catch balls in midair, off the rebound, high, low, you name it. He was a little obsessive about it, but in a good way.

One of Lloyd’s favorite things to do was to lick the last dregs of peanut butter from the almost-empty jar. He would spend an hour or more slurping every last bit of deliciousness from the plastic jar with the utmost of care.

He liked to sleep “seatbelt-style.” I sleep on my stomach, and he would drape himself over my midsection as soon as I got under the covers. I think it made us BOTH feel safer.

He was a very good dog around his human little brother. He was uninterested at first, but over the past few months, as Little Dude got better at using “gentle hands” to pat the doggies, he’d really warmed up. Lloyd also appreciated it when Little Dude would share his chicken nuggets or goldfish crackers, and a true bond was formed.

Funny story: Lloyd is actually an “alternative corgi.” We did a doggy DNA test and discovered that he was 50% Australian cattle dog, 50% cocker spaniel, and had the spontaneous dwarfism mutation three generations back on his mother’s side. Further proof that there’s nobody else quite like him.

It’s weird being at home without him. Sammy hasn’t figured out what’s going on, and neither has Little Dude, though I imagine they know there’s SOMETHING different. We’re giving everybody lots of love, looking at old pictures, and remembering all of the happy stories we have about Lloyd.

I don’t believe in any sort of afterlife, but I secretly hold out hope that dogs go to heaven and it’s full of peanut butter treats and tennis balls.

Love you, Derp-a-dog.


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