2018 to-do list

It’s New Year’s Eve, and time again to set some goals for the coming year. I’m trying to keep it small(ish) and realistic, because little changes are the easiest to handle.

So in no particular order:

  1. Do another triathlon, and beat my previous time (2h8m)
    I did MomsTri last year and it was a wonderful experience for this complete novice! The atmosphere was really encouraging, many of the women looked like me (i.e. not tiny gym bunnies), and just being able to finish was a great victory. I’ll be doing this event again, and this year I want to jog at least PART of the way of the third lap, which should make it easy to beat my (really slow) first time.
  2. Ride 1,779 mi on my bike over the course of the year
    This is the distance from Bag End to Mt. Doom. Ambitious, but I think I can do it! It averages out to 34mi per week, so I’ll need to lengthen my weekly rides a bit, and/or ride multiple times per week. That gets particularly difficult in the Arizona summer, but I think I can pull it off.
  3. Ride out “the terrible twos”
    Little Dude is a pretty laid-back guy, and we’re lucky that things have been smooth sailing so far. I want to keep being the best mom I can be, and working hard to make sure my son is happy, safe, and healthy.
  4. Get more accountable with my eating
    I lost 140lb after bariatric surgery, but fell back into old habits and gained weight after having my son 2 years ago. I’m logging my food again and watching what I eat, and I’ve had a good start so far. I just need to continue that hard work into the new year.
  5. Exercise 3 times per week
    With the above, I definitely slacked in the exercise department. I want to get moving more, not only so I can do a good job at the triathlon, but just to feel better in general. So I want to either go to the gym, take a walk/jog around the neighborhood, or ride my bike at least 3 times every week, no excuses.
  6. Spend more time with arts and crafts
    I used to do a ton of quilting, but that fell off during pregnancy and I haven’t gotten back into it. I’d like to spend at least 2h per week doing something artsy: crochet or knit, sewing, or drawing. (Especially since I have a nifty Wacom doodle tablet now!) This is good for my mental health!


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